"One" · 6955
from Fez Demos EP


This is my first entry so a little explanation is required.


My friend Dave over at I Love Rap put out an open call for companion blogs to cover other genres/forms in a similar fashion (one track a day + notes) so I took the bait and decided to share my love of Chipmusic with you.

Chipmusic explained here.

If you’re already a fan of the form, don’t expect to hear too much that you haven’t already heard — this site exists for the benefit of those who, for whatever reason, don’t listen to a lot of Chipmusic. Some write it off as a nostalgic gimmick, others balk at the rawness of the sounds, and the sheer volume of content one has to sift through to find the gold can be intimidating. I understand all of that. But in the past four years, I’ve been exposed to some incredible talents that deserve to have just a little more light shed upon them.

My objective is simple: Share the Chipmusic songs I like. If you like them too, great.


I decided to kick things off with this song from Toronto native 6955 because it’s about as far away as you can get from the four-on-the-floor dance beat so many outsiders associate with this type of music while still retaining a beautiful accessibility. I first heard this track performed live at Blip Festival 2007 and it inspired me to shoot and edit in ways that surprised me — ways that explain my feelings about this piece better than words ever could:

6955 // Blip Festival 2007: The Videos from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.

As the EP title suggests, “One” is but a taste of what gamers can expect to hear in the soundtrack for the upcoming (early-mid 2010) Xbox Live Arcade release, “Fez” (produced by Polytron, an indie game development studio co-founded by 6955 himself). Click here to download the rest of the Fez demos. It’s also worth noting that the game itself looks really fun and may be one of the prettiest additions to the elite club of Perspective-Bending Platformers.

Fez ‘GDC 08’ gameplay

Posted 5 2 2010

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