"hullamzoret two" · failotron
from The Narvals of Shame


photo: Rosa Menkman

In Chipmusic, there’s a tendency to get fixated upon the means of production over the end result of those means. It’s not uncommon to hear a track praised simply because the listener “can’t believe [the artist] is getting those sounds out of a Game Boy / NES / C64 / Atari / whatever,” irrespective of its compositional merits.
I admit to being in that camp when I first got into this scene but sound design, while cool and potentially impressive, isn’t everything. And for new initiates, it can only sustain interest in the medium for so long. Eventually, you have to evaluate the final product on the same terms as the rest of the music you listen to. For me, that comes down to how evocative of a particular emotion the piece is. In my book, few do a better job of tugging at my ear’s heartstrings than failotron [Budapest, Hungary].


My introduction to failotron was the first “hullamzoret" (it’s part of a 20-minute piece that’s still in the works) off Pause's brilliant Sea of Ice compilation (2009). Owens liked it so much it wound up in the end credits of our 3-part documentary about the PS3 title, “Infamous.” Ever a creature of habit, he let Failotron have the final say again with “hullamzoret two” at the end of a recent episode of our new show, Penny Arcade: The Series. But perhaps he’s on to something. Maybe failotron’s music is the only appropriate way to mourn and/or celebrate the end of all things.

(that emo enough for you, Áron?)

EDIT: failotron.org is down at the moment but if you like what you hear, artist link at the top changed to failotron’s Myspace. You should also check out his non-chip project, Henry Winstanley. Fans of The Album Leaf’s earlier stuff will feel right at home. I’m eagerly looking forward to “hullamzoret” three and four, if only to use them for more end credits. Spoiler Alert: We’re also in the process of collaborating on a music video so be on the lookout for that later this year.

Pro Tip: This song really hits the sweet spot at 2:08 so don’t let the slow build fool you.

Posted 6 2 2010

#failotron #hullamzoret 

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