"The Year 2999" · Hidden Village
from Star Maker


Here’s a little gem from another one of Chipmusic’s most prolific artists (see Alex Mauer two posts ago), little-scale [Adelaide, Australia], in collaboration with the multi-talented Cloud Sparrow (who also happens to be his girlfriend. Awesome). As far as I know (and anyone out there can feel free to correct me in the Comments section) this is Cloud Sparrow’s first Chip outing so there isn’t much I can write regarding her history within the form.

As for little-scale, what can I say that hasn’t already been said a hundred times by countless others?

(hah, I’ve been stuck at this spot, writing and erasing for nearly 20 minutes now…)

Just listen to the track, ok? The guy was named TCTD Artist of the Year by his peers for good reason.

Edit: Because little-scale practically exhales music, it was impossible to pick one definitive track to represent him. I decided to go with the Hidden Village side project because the experience of listening to this release was still fresh in my mind from yesterday’s morning walk — one of those rare moments where it starts raining heavily even though the sun is shining brightly. Somehow, it all seemed fitting.

Posted 13 2 2010

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