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I almost missed another post so I’ll try and keep this short in hopes of making it in before midnight. Long before Pitchfork rated The Depreciation Guild’s [New York City] “debut,” In Her Gentle Jaws a 7.3, there was Nautilus — a hypnotizing blend of lush, shoegazey guitars and a forlorn, almost depressed, Famicom.

There’s a reason you don’t hear a lot of Chip + Shoegaze (note: I’m merely using the term as shorthand for a much more complex soundscape): I would imagine it’s_really_easy to screw up. Thankfully for those of you listening out there, I’ve left your ears in capable hands. You’ll want to lie down and close your eyes for this one.

I should also acknowledge that an updated version of this track does make an appearance on the aforementioned, more widely recognized, In Her Gentle Jaws (which is a beautiful release as well — one of the few pieces of Chipmusic I own on vinyl). Is it more cleanly produced? Yes, of course — the recording/mixing circumstances surrounding the two are incomparable. But is it better? No. Not to me anyway.

This is another one of those topics that deserves a longer discussion than I’m able/willing to have here but making something sound “better” by production standards doesn’t always translate to a better experience for the listener. Sometimes, like in the case of “Nautilus,” a song’s intended warmth and intimacy are betrayed by sounding too clean. A set of decorative crystal wine glasses may be appropriate for a rare vintage on a special occasion but you wouldn’t drink your tea out of them on an overcast morning would you? Same thing.

For me, this track is all about lying in bed in the middle of a day where you have a lot to do but don’t feel like dealing with any of it. Escapism at its best. Enjoy.

Posted 15 2 2010

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