"retroattivo (jonkie screw)" · The Hardliner
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Alright so I’ve missed two consecutive entries now (work) and I’ll be damned if today is the third day. I’m going to try and make 3 posts today to catch up but, if I can’t, at least you’ll have this song to chew on.


I think this may qualify as the first “remix” (using the word lightly since this is more like a reboot) I’ve posted here. The original tune is actually a Doskpop (think self-aware, cheesy-but-epic 1980’s Italo Disco) classic from The Hardliner. You can listen to that by clicking here.

Traveling back in time a little to November 3rd, 2007: It was the first time we (2 Player Productions) were given the honor of curating and hosting an installment of New York’s legendary Chipmusic performance series, Pulsewave. It was also the first night the event began with a half hour open-mic session (now the norm at current shows). What could have ended up being a colossal, room-emptying failure was actually an astonishing success. Although I remember everyone who played, two tracks remain burned into my memory to this day: Natty's (he was Auto-da-fé back then) “Hadean Days” and Jonkie’s down-tempo Piggy Tracker rendition featured in today’s post.

It was (and still is) hard to make sense of my strong gut reaction. With one Blip Festival and nearly two years of Chipmusic behind me, I had heard people craft dark, powerful, and evocative pieces on chip platforms before but this one had the added weight of purpose. It was impossible to shake the image of a sunglass-wearing, motorcycle-riding, anti-hero in Paul Verehoven's 1980s Detroit, cruising beneath the streetlamps towards some final, shotgun-based confrontation in which he'll be vastly outnumbered and might not live to see the end of it.

Something along the lines of this poster, but not in Japan.

Posted 17 2 2010

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