"mkr huf bst" · starPause
from AKID EP


Today’s post coincides with a very special announcement: starPause has joined our little tumblr ring of “ilove”s. It is with great pleasure that I link you to:

I Love Copyleft

a sound blog by k9d covering musica libre from the creative commons, net audio labels & more! on a schedules of one new tune at least every sunday. if you share in this love & would enjoy to cover another week day: please make touch!

If the mix CD he handed out after his 8static set last year is any indication, Jordan has an incredible talent for finding quality free stuff from pretty much any genre. Consider his tumblr to be the best thing that’s happened to your New Music playlist this week.

As for the track featured in today’s post: Generally speaking (and I’m simplifying here because I’m short on time), it doesn’t take a lot of effort to write something on a chip platform to garner praise for being “raAwWwW” or “drrrty.” — the building blocks are inherently harsh to begin with. It does, however, require a careful ear to achieve these same ends and do so with eloquence. starPause is able to strike that rare balance between a perfectly harmonious sound palette and a sophisticated composition with deadly accuracy.

EDIT: He is also a complete beast on-stage.

Starpause @ 8static in Philadelphia, 07.18.09 from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.

Posted 23 2 2010

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