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Looks like we’ve got our first artist double-dip here at IloveChipmusic. And while it shouldn’t come as a surprise that starPause would be the one, it actually was a surprise. Remember the mix CD I mentioned in my last post? The one starPause handed out after his 8static set last year? I misspoke. It wasn’t a collection of other artists’ tunes at all. It was a compilation of his own tracks from across the years of holding down the Midwest [Minneapolis] and (more recently) the West Coast [San Francisco] Chipmusic scenes. How could I have not recognized this? (<— I’m currently asking myself). I blame today’s featured recording.

My first listen-through was, admittedly, background noise to some activity I’ve now forgotten (probably cleaning my room). As a result, I didn’t really register specifics beyond the fact that “mix” sounded eclectic and promised greater rewards upon future, more dedicated, listens. Then I hit the last track on the disc. (::head exploding sequence::). I stopped whatever I was doing and rushed to see who was responsible for such wonders and was frustrated to find that there was no track (or artist or album for that matter) information on the entire disc. And so, “Track 13” would continue to haunt my iPod for months, anonymously wearing out the “Repeat Item” function and guaranteeing that I never listened to anything else off the release. I find that happens to me a lot.

Anyway, my personal mystery has finally been solved. What you’re actually listening to is a selection from starPause’s first live performance with LSDJ (::more head exploding sequences::) back in 2002 at a Minneapolis cafe called Hard Times. At the time, Jordan was performing as Reconstructing Richard (click here for a nice archive of the stuff he released under this name on Kikapu) and organizing :|kREW — a Game Boy noise group.

If you like what you hear, be sure to follow the album link at the top for a free download of the entire collection. I’ve got the whole thing (with proper track names) now but I_still_can’t get past this one track. I’m not sure I have the time to do this one justice with words. The individual pieces seem discordant at first and their arrangement isn’t what most would consider conventional but when they start melting together, it’s hypnotic. It’s the kind of sound that only seems at home in a world animated by the Brothers Quay. Just listen to this song and watch this clip without audio. Perfect, right?

Posted 26 2 2010

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