"Evergreen" · Leeni
from Labyrinth


NEW “ilove” BLOG JOINS THE FOLD. From my good friend / former housemate Ben:

I now present what can be best described as a sister site to [I Love Rap & I Love Chipmusic], appropriately titled I Love Girl Music. All the songs I’ll be posting on this site will have female lead vocalists—because, for whatever reason, I seem to favor female vocalists. And just so we’re clear, when I say “girl music,” I don’t mean music for girls, so if you’re here in search of some Madonna b-side from the early eighties, not only will you likely be disappointed, but I also hope your favorite karaoke bar (and every other karaoke bar) burns to the ground with Cyndi Lauper trapped inside. Hooray!

Ben, today’s post is dedicated to you. Leeni [Seattle, WA] is one of the few chipmusicians to add vocals to her programming and on an even shorter sub-list of said musicians within the form that happen to be female. While some of her earlier material has a more lighthearted synthpop edge to it, I think she’s at her best when she skews a little darker with more heartbroken lyrics and the kind of muted production on display in this track. Although I wish her all the best in her personal life, here’s to hoping the music keeps wandering down a bleaker path.

As a bonus, you should also check out this track. I had a very hard time picking between the two for this entry. Both are excellent but, ultimately, I decided to go with the more restrained one.

Posted 27 2 2010

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